Psychomotor Activity

... emotions in movement

What is Psychomotility?

Psychomotility marks the connection between eyperiences, perception, movement and action. Mental matters as moods, sentiments and emotions show up and are noticeable in posture and motion. Psychomotility is multidimensional, holistic development advancement of gross motor skills, fine motor skills and perception when a child shows irregularities in its movements and behavior. 

Who is suitable for Psychomotility?
Children with problems in the areas of:
- body perception
- self-perception
- awareness of dimensions and spaces
- planing of motions and movements.

In different and multifaceted training situations the children should learn:
- to experience themselves and their body and deal with the new situation
- to experience their environment with all senses, be able to differentiate, correspond and communicate in a better way
- to improve disturbances in their physical abilities by adapted training situations and exercise offers
- to influence irregularities in speech, perception, learning and behavior – which are often a result of the physical disturbances – to the childs advantage.