Psychological Counsel

Day in and day out parents and guardians must deal with new challenges when handling children. Arising problems are mostly overcome with the sources one knows. There are problems though that demand professional help and advice.

Within a consultation problems can be dealt with and new solutions and strategies can be worked on and acquired. Information about child-development in general, different areas of achievement, behaviour and emotions and disturbances of all the above is conveyed.

The counsel offers precise help for the everyday life and helps to (re-)discover own resources in order to contribute to the families support and relief.

Themes that may be a reason for calling on counsel:
- Questions concerning the childs development (speech, motor activity and function, perception,…)
- Questions concerning the childs education in general
- Noticeable problems in the childs behaviour
- Parent-child conflicts
- Eating disorders
- Sleeping disorders
- Wetting the bed or soiling oneself
- Chronic sickness or disability of the child
- Learning problems
- Noticeable problems in the areas of concentration and attention span
- Problems with relationships or communication

Together we will consider whether further measures should be taken for the child’s development and depending on the complexity of the problems we will consider which these should be.

Counseling interviews can/will be held accompanying the childs treatment and are a vital element of a psychological therapy.