Center of Competence for Parents

The educational background plays a decisive role in the development of children and teenagers. Parents and other people taking part in the child’s or teenager’s education influence their development greatly. The family itself–the most important social network in our society-
accompanies growing children on their way to independence and conveys values from one generation to the next.

Abilities in parenting are not inborn but can be learned. The center of competence for parents wants to convey essential skills in order to support parents in their (not very easy) feat of bringing up their children. Decent education encompasses development advancement, bringing up children to be independent and self-confident in a loving, nonviolent way.
The idea of preventing children from excessive demands and resignation is a decisive guideline for our work on the one hand; on the other hand we aim to fortify the parenting and problem-solving skills so we can turnover or return the responsibility for the childeducation to the parents again – especially important in economically difficult times.

The center of competence for parents offers information and support concerning specific development problems respectively disabilities and the according advancement program on the one hand and encouragement concerning general questions about raisingchildren on the other hand.

Target group
The offers adress all interested parents, grandparents and other educating individuals as well as pedagogic specialists.

The multiprofessional configuration of the VINCO teams consisting of certified experts with  pedagogic background allows access to all the available competences.
Furthermore the offer is amplified additionally by cooperation with other institutions as well as constant input/ training from pediatricians and other experts.

Offers of the center of competence for parents
In terms of a 3-stage modell the center of competence encompasses different offers:

1. Parents Forum
2. Parents Workshop
3. Family Support Training